Here are examples of the ornaments we use to create our Museum Bees:

The first sculpture we used was a delicate version of Napoleon's Bee.  It is said that this design was created by inverting the Fleur de Lis design and adding wings.  Turning the symbol of France upside down- echoing Napoleon's military takeover with a subtle reminder to the visual arts.  There are many versions of this bee since Napoleon's reign- we think ours is the most handsome.

We also use the Barberini Bee.  This heraldic symbol of the Barberini family of Florence came to prominence when Cardinal Maffeo Barberini became Pope.  These symbols were incorporated into the Vatican decor before the Medici family in Milan later adopted this same symbol as their own.  You will see this bee throughout Italy- and some will refer to it as the Italian Bee. 

Royals since the Pharaoh's have associated the bee as an emblematic symbol- and with that the associations of industry, reproduction, fertility, and community among others.  

We work with an American based foundry to produce our gilt brass ornaments. 

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